Shortcut Feature
* Zoom Mouse
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
/ Zoom Fit All
0 Scale
1 Set Active Layer
2 Layer Visibility toggle
3 Hide Other Layer
4 Show All Layer
5 A + B
6 A * B
7 A - B
8 B - A
9 A exor B
A Cellarray / Label Node (schematic)
B Box / Bus (schematic)
C Copy
D Delete
E Circle
F Sector
G Set Grid / Ground (schematic)
H Polygon Arc
I Attach Layout / Line (schematic)
J Arc
K Spiral / Port (schematic)
L Path / Open Layout Window (schematic)
M Move
N New / New Sheet (schematic)
O Open Layout
P Polygon
Q Cut
R Cell / Rectangle (schematic)
S Save Layout
T Text
U Update Cells / Bus Port (schematic)
V Merge
W Move to Layer / Wire (schematic)
X Mirror
Y Copy to Layer
Z Remove Small Edges
\ Delete Cell / Delete Sheet (schematic)
Backspace Deselect All
Delete Pdeselect
Down Down
End Fdeselect
F1 Help
F10 Setup / Set Color (schematic)
F11 Start Macro Recording
F12 Set Route Mode / Edit Item (schematic)
F2 Next Layout / Electrical Rule Check (schematic)
F3 Select Cell (list)
F4 Cellname / Set Sheet Name (schematic)
F5 New Cell
F6 Undo
F7 Redo
F8 Group
F9 Cell Flat
Home Fselect
Insert Pselect
Left Left
PageDown Cdeselect
PageUp Cselect
Print Screenshot
Right Right
Space Select Visible
Up Up
Alt+S Save All
Alt+F3 Previous Cell
Alt+F8 Group Global
Ctrl+0 Set Select to B
Ctrl+1 Ruler
Ctrl+2 Area
Ctrl+3 Angle
Ctrl+4 Length
Ctrl+5 Element size
Ctrl+8 Bool on Layer
Ctrl+9 Set Select to A
Ctrl+B Convert to Box
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Closed Path to Polygon
Ctrl+E Circle / Ellipse
Ctrl+G Show Grid
Ctrl+H Schematic
Ctrl+I Select Active Layer
Ctrl+K Select Cell By Name
Ctrl+L Deselect Active Layer
Ctrl+M Move Point
Ctrl+N Convert to Circle
Ctrl+O Modify Corners
Ctrl+P Convert to Polygon
Ctrl+Q Quit
Ctrl+R Round Elements
Ctrl+S Convert to Mesh...
Ctrl+T Insert Polygon Point
Ctrl+U Move Edge
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Backspace Invert Selection
Ctrl+F * Search
Ctrl+F11 Update Macros
Ctrl+F12 Set Place Mode
Ctrl+F3 Cell Up
Ctrl+F4 Edit Macro
Ctrl+F8 Group Structure
Ctrl+G * Search Next
Ctrl+H * Replace
Ctrl+W * Close
Shift++ Grid Finer
Shift+- Grid Coarser
Shift+/ Zoom Fit Selection
Shift+0 Set active Layer to B
Shift+1 Sizeadjust
Shift+2 Bezier 2nd
Shift+3 Bezier 3rd
Shift+4 B-Spline
Shift+5 Zoom 1:1
Shift+6 Grid Automatic
Shift+9 Set active Layer to A
Shift+A Snap Shapes
Shift+B Copy By
Shift+C Compare Cell
Shift+D Snap to Middle of Line
Shift+E Circle Fit
Shift+G Snap to Grid
Shift+I Snap to Intersection
Shift+L Snap to Line
Shift+M Move By
Shift+N Snap to Center
Shift+O Snap to Point
Shift+P Properties
Shift+Q Close Design
Shift+R Rotate
Shift+S Save Layout As
Shift+T Set Cell Origin
Shift+V Merge to Layer
Shift+W Crop With Selection
Shift+X Goto XY
Shift+Backspace Select All
Shift+Down Move Cell Down
Shift+F1 What's this
Shift+F10 Layer Manager
Shift+F11 Stop Macro Recording
Shift+F12 Generate Technology Macro
Shift+F2 Select Cell (list)
Shift+F3 Select Cell (graphical)
Shift+F4 Execute Macro
Shift+F8 Group Simple
Shift+F9 Cell Flat Multilevel
Shift+Left Move Cell Left
Shift+Print Print Layout
Shift+Right Move Cell Right
Shift+Up Move Cell Up

* depends on the platform