Eagle is a software used and limited to Printed Circuit Design. It is shipped with extensive printed circuit board libraries. For a lot of commercial printed circuits parts, a description in eagle format is supplied by its vendor. Version 6 of the Eagle software file format was changed to an XML format which allows simple reading and modification with any text editor.

Using Eagle XML Format in the LayoutEditor

The Eagle XML format can be used in any way by the LayoutEditor. The schematic and board files can be loaded and the library can be used as component libraries. Inside the EditComponent dialog of the SchematicEditor, parts from the Eagle XML format can be imported. To do so, press the import button within the dialog, choose a library file and then choose a component of this library. As well as the component import, the printed circuit board foot print can also be imported. All layers will be converted to the default PCBLayerSetup. The PCB file format design rules will be used. To perform an import, simply open a .brd file with the OpenFile feature. However, because Eagle handles design rules differently, all imports may need to be adjusted to your PCB technology. Do not use this import feature without additional validation. An export to the Eagle XML format is not supported.