Class Reference netList

A net list. More...


string cellname
int devicesCount()
netListDevice* getDevice(int num)
stringList getExternalNodes()
stringList getNodes()
int getNode(string node)

Detailed Description

This class contain a netlist a one cell. It can ether be a loaded or extracted netlist.

Member Function Documentation

string netList::cellname

cellname for which this netlist is used/was extraced

int netList::devicesCount()

Returns: the number of devices in this netlist

netListDevice* netList::getDevice(int num)

Returns: a point to the numth device. NULL if the device does not exist.

stringList netList::getExternalNodes()

Returns: a list with all external nodes

stringList netList::getNodes()

a list with all nodes

int netList::getNode(string node)

Returns: the id number of the node. retruns -1 if the node does not exist.