The LayoutEditor Cloud file format (file extension .lec) is a property file format of the LayoutEditor developed for cloud applications. It is an encrypted file format using hardware information as encryption key. In this way, a design in the cloud format can only be opened on systems it is designated for. An accidental design transfer is prevented, even if all other security methods fail.

Using the Cloud format within the LayoutEditor

The layer information is stored within the Cloud format. This information is only restored when loading if the corresponding GDS option is activated. A conversion from the Cloud format to any other format requirs the full version of the LayoutEditor and can only be done on the system it is designated for. Opening the design in the cloud format will fail on any other system.

Cloud File Format

The internal data structure is similar to GDSII. Most GDSII options of the LayoutEditor will effect the cloud format as well. The cloud format is available in all versions - including the free version - of the LaoyutEditor without a size limitation. The cloud format was introduced with version 20180301.