Adjust Tools

The set of adjust tools can be used to easily edit existing shapes. Move Point, Move Edge and Insert Polygon Point are interactive editing modes. Scale, Size Adjust, Snap Shapes and Round Elements will modify selected shapes.

Move Point

Interactive mode to move a single point of a shape. Once a point is chosen, you can move that point graphically or (with a shift left-click) enter its coordinates in a dialog.

Move Edge

Similar to the move point mode, but an edge (=two neighboring points) are moved.

Insert Polygon Point

An additional vertex is added to a polygon or path.


Selected elements are scaled. First, enter the origin point, this point will not move.Secondly, enter the scale factor graphically or numerically. To do a graphical entry you need to press the shift key when entering the origin point. Then you can enter a second point (source point) and third point (target point). The design is scaled in a way that the source point will be scaled to the target point.

Size Adjust

Use this function to increase/decrease the size of all selected shapes. A dialog will be opened to enter a value in user units. All edges of selected shapes will be moved by that value. A negative value will shrink the shapes. An asymmetric size with different values in x- and y- directions is also possible. There are four different ways to handle the corners.

Snap Shapes

Snap Shapes aligns and positions selected shapes to specific points or locations on another shape, called vertices. Vertices are the points where two or more lines or curves meet in a shape, for example, the corners of a rectangle. Selected shapes/points will snap to near elements within a defined search radius. A dialog will ask for the radius.

Round Elements

Use this function to move all selected points on a grid. You will be prompted to set the grid-size.