Class Reference textDisplay

A text editor widget. More...


void convert(string format)
string fileName
void openFile(string fileName, string codec="")
bool modified()
void saveFile(string fileName, string codec="")
bool setModifyAdded()
bool setModifyChanged()
bool setModifySaved()
void setLexer(string lexer)
void setText(string text)
string text()
string title

Detailed Description

the main widget of a text editor. It hold alls text relavant informations.

Member Function Documentation

void textDisplay::convert(string format)

Convert the contents text into an other format. format will choose the target format. These format convertion are available:

None yet, will be added shortly!

string textDisplay::fileName

File name of this file.

void textDisplay::openFile(string fileName, string codec="")

A file with the name s is opened. If codec is empty the encoding is detected automatic.

bool textDisplay::modified()

Returns: true, if the design was modifies after the last save

void textDisplay::saveFile(string fileName, string codec="")

The text is saved to fileName. If codec is empty the encoding is detected automatic.

bool textDisplay::setModifyAdded()

marks the design shapes to be added

bool textDisplay::setModifyChanged()

marks the design to be modified

bool textDisplay::setModifySaved()

marks the design not to be modified

void textDisplay::setLexer(string lexer)

The lexer for highlighting is set.

void textDisplay::setText(string text)

set the text being displayed

string textDisplay::text()

Returns: The complete text of the file.

string textDisplay::title

Title of this file only used in the list open open files.