Extract Netlist


In the Extraction tab of the netlist tools you will find a Build-Connection feature. Based on the layer set this feature will detect will shapes in the design are connected. Also the connection to the devices is detected. A device connection requires that the layout was ether placed by the LayoutEditor or the Devices Extrion was use to extract the devices. Grom this connection information also a extracted netlist will be build. Prior extected netlist will be removed for this cell. The extraced netlist can be viewed by the Edit Netlist feature.

Net Highlight

The Net Highlight feature is located next to the Build Connection feature. If no connection information is present, the Build Connection feature is triggered. In the Net Highlight mode a complete net will be highlighed, if a shape of the net is clicked. Also a click in the Route tab on a net name will highlight this net.


Layout versus Schematic (LVS)

With the LVS feature the extraced netlist is compared with the loaded/schematic netist. Any differences are listed, incorrect nets and devices are also marked in the lists. A click on a list item will show the violation / the affected device.

net highlighting