Class Reference drawingField3d

the head class of the 3d design More...


cellList3d* addCell()
cell3d *currentCell
double databaseunits
void deleteAllCell()
void deselectAll()
cellList3d* firstCell
void invertSelect()
bool isEmpty()
bool modified()
void meshDeselect()
void meshSelect()
void openFile(string filename)
void saveFile(string filename)
void scaleFull()
void selectAll()
void selectVisible()
void setModifyChanged()
void setModifyAdded()
void setModifySaved()
bool showOrigin
void showOriginToggle()
double userunits
double zScale

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

cellList3d* drawingField3d::addCell()

Add a cell to the 3d drawing. A pointer to the new cellList3d is returned.

cell3d *drawingField3d::currentCell

the 3d view is hierarchical in the same way as the 2d layout. currentCell is a pointer to the current displayed cell.

double drawingField3d::databaseunits

All coordinates are integer. This value is the factor of these integers to the real value.

void drawingField3d::deleteAllCell()

All cells of the current design will be deleted.

void drawingField3d::deselectAll()

All elements are deselected.

cellList3d* drawingField3d::firstCell

a point to the first element of all existing cells.

void drawingField3d::invertSelect()

The selection of the current cell is inverted: selected elements will be deselected and deselected elements will be selected.

bool drawingField3d::isEmpty()

Returns: true, if the design does not contain any elements.

bool drawingField3d::modified()

Returns: true, if the design was modified after the last save operation.

void drawingField3d::meshDeselect()

All mesh elements are deselected.

void drawingField3d::meshSelect()

All mesh elements are selected.

void drawingField3d::openFile(string filename)

Loads the 3d-design with the given filename into the 3d editor. (introduced with version 20190218)

void drawingField3d::saveFile(string filename)

Loads the 3d-design under the given filename. The format is detect from the file extension. (introduced with version 20190218)

void drawingField3d::scaleFull()

The display scale is adjusted to the size of the drawing.

void drawingField3d::selectAll()

All elements are selected.

void drawingField3d::selectVisible()

All visible elements are selected.

void drawingField3d::setModifyChanged()

marks the design to be modified

void drawingField3d::setModifyAdded()

marks the design to be modified by adding a shape

void drawingField3d::setModifySaved()

marks the design to be saved

bool drawingField3d::showOrigin

The origin, the point (0,0,0) is displayed as a arrow in each axis.

void drawingField3d::showOriginToggle()

Toggles the display of the origin arrows.

double drawingField3d::userunits

All values in the main widget are displayed in a user unit.

double drawingField3d::zScale

Additional scaling of the z axis. This can be used to make the 3d effect more visible in the case the element are quite thin related to it x and y axis.