What is the LayoutEditor Cloud?

A single desktop application cannot hold everything required to design IC, MEMS and releated technologies. A collection of additional features and services were bundled into the LayoutEditor Cloud and further features are under preparation.

Access to the Cloud

All the features and services of the LayoutEditor Cloud can be accessed from within the LayoutEditor. All features are listed under the menu item Utilities/Cloud Services. The menu items will open your web browser and forward the currently open design. Once you have logged into the cloud and created an account you can access your data and tasks with any web browser on any system. Supported browsers are Chrome, Edge, Mozilla and Safari. Not supported is Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you use the cloud without a login, your data can only be access from the LayoutEditor installed on your system. The LayoutEditor Cloud can be used with all versions of the LayoutEditor. The release 20180417 or newer of the LayoutEditor is required.

LayoutEditor cloud