Alignment features are located at Utilities/Align Utilities. Any of these features will move all selected shapes to a new position. So it is basicly the same than the Move feature and the result of any of the alignment tools can also be achieved with the move feature, but the alignment tools are more comfortable: the resulting position of the selected elements can be determined with one or two mouse clicks depending of the alignment mode.

Align to Center

Selected shapes will be align in the middle of to entered points. With Align to x-Center only a movement in the x direction is made. Similar the Align to y-Center only a movement in y direction is made.

Center XY

The center of the selected shapes is moved to the entered position. With Center X or Center Y only a movement on one direction is made.

Align right/left/top/bottom

The most right/left/top/bottom/ point of the selected elements is moved to the entered point.