Class Reference macro

Class to get information on the currently running macro More...


strring filename()
bool isAutostart()
string trigger()

Detailed Description

Class with only static members to get infos on the durrently running macro


 if (! macro::isAutostart()&&(macro::filename()!="")){ 
         if (!setup::autostartMacroTrigger.contains("layoutOpen")) setup::autostartMacroTrigger.insert("layoutOpen");
         return 0;

 // if this macro was triggered by an layout open event, check file folder for an second level autostartmacro
 if (macro::trigger()=="layoutOpen") {

This class exists only for the LayoutEditor C++ Macros. It is not available in the other interfaces, as there are native ways for this features. This class was introduced with release 20201021.

Member Function Documentation

static strring macro::filename()

Returns: the complete filename includ its full path of the macro calling this function

static bool macro::isAutostart()

Returns: true if the execution of this macro was triggered by an event like layout open. Otherwise false is returned.

static string macro::trigger()

Returns: the name of the event triggering this macro. Supported events are: layoutOpen, layoutStart, layoutNew, schematicNew