Extraction: Capacitance

Calculates the capacitance of/between conductors. For the calculation any conductor will we spited into panels with a constant charge. The 3d setup in the LayerManager is used for the z-coordinates. The charge calculation for a small amount of panels can be done inside the LayoutEditor. For bigger calculations the discretization data is store and the external calculation tool FastCap is called. FastCap is included in the LayoutEditor package.


  • Open extraction tools (Utilities/Misc/Electrical Extraction)
  • select the shape part of a single conductor (or ground)
  • press addConductor to add as conductor (or addGround for ground)
  • repeat these steps for any conductor
  • set material data
  • start the calculation


The FastCap algorithm is used for the calculations. FastCap and FastHenry , from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are two free parasitics extractor tools for capacitance, and inductance and resistance. Quoted in many scientific articles, are considered golden references in their field. It is a three dimensional calculation. FastCap is included as a compiled stand alone version in any LayoutEditor package and it can be used separate from the LayoutEditor by manual call.