Class Reference cellList3d

a list element for the linked list of all cells in the 3d view. More...


cellList3d* nextCell
cell3d* thisCell

Detailed Description

graph LR la(layout3d)--drawing-->dr(drawingField3d) dr--firstCell-->cl(cellList3d) cl==thisCell==>ce(cell3d) cl==nextCell==>cl click ce "/layoutscript/api/cell3d" click cl "/layoutscript/api/celllist3d" click el "/layoutscript/api/elementlist3d" click la "/layoutscript/api/layout3d" click dr "/layoutscript/api/drawingfield3d" classDef thisClas fill:#eaf5fc,stroke:#3c7faa,stroke-width:4px; classDef clas fill:#eaf5fc,stroke:#3c7faa,stroke-width:1px; class cl thisClas class la,dr,ce clas

Cells are stored in a linked list. This class is the list element for cells in the 3d view. It contains exactly two pointer. One the cell and one to the next list element. The list of all cells can be accessed from the drawingField3d class with layout3d->drawing->firstCell.

Member Function Documentation

cellList3d* cellList3d::nextCell

A pointer to the next cell

cell3d* cellList3d::thisCell

A pointer to the cell of the list element.