In all drawing modes, the mouse pointer will snap to a nearby point. This will ensure an exact point is specified by the mouse. You can adjust what kind of point will be snapped. The LayoutEditor supports 6 different kinds of snapping. The reduced version only supports snapping to grid and to point. All other snapping kinds will need the full version of the LayoutEditor. Snapping can be activated on an individual basis via the main menu and a toolbar. By default, after starting LayoutEditor, only Snap to Grid is activated. Snapping is not active in non-modifying modes like Zoom Mode.

mouse snapping

The active snappings are displayed in the toolbar.

no snapping snapping with the LayoutEditor
snap grid
mouse point snap at the nearest grid point
grid snapping in the LayoutEditor
snap to point
mouse point snap on any vertex of an existing shape
vertex snapping
snap to line
mouse point snap on any point on the edge of an existing shape
line snapping
snap to middle of line
mouse point snap the middle of an edge on an existing shape
line gds snapping
snap to center
mouse point snap in the center of an existing shape
center snapping with the gdsii editor
snap to intersection
mouse point snap at the intersection of two shapes
intersection snapping with the LayoutEditor