ODB++ (Open Data Base) is a file format used for the storage and exchange of PCB (printed circuit board) design data. It is an open and non-proprietary format that is designed to be more flexible and efficient than other PCB design file formats, such as Gerber. ODB++ files contain detailed information about the PCB layout, including the position, shape, and properties of the various components, such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors, as well as the interconnections between them. ODB++ files also include information about the layers used in the PCB.

Using ODB++ in the LayoutEditor

The file format is structured in the directory tree. This tree will often be compressed in a single file by common compressing tools like zip. The directory tree and each entry file must be uncompressed in order to use it with the LayoutEditor. To open it, choose the matrix file in the matrix sub folder of the main tree. This file is mandatory for all ODB++ data bases.